Raving reviews and case studies from happy clients

* Disclaimer: Results may vary.

Case Study: Dean A.*

After celebrating his 74th birthday, Dean made a personal commitment to regaining mobility, losing weight, and improving his lifestyle. His goal was to reach the weight he was at before he retired, and build a long term fitness plan. After losing some weight on his own, Dean was finding it difficult to stick to and reach his other fitness goals, so he asked for my help. Our very first session found that it was a challenge to stand up from sitting in a chair and to have enough energy to make it through a one hour session. However, within 6 weeks Dean was able to achieve multiple sets of full range-of-motion squats and has progressed to loaded squats. Now, Dean has lost over 90 pounds since embarking on his journey 16 months ago and I am very proud of his effort and commitment to his goals. Dean has not only gone from zero to 60 push-ups, he has dramatically improved his quality of life and has likely added many more years to his life! 

Six weeks after my lover of 47 years passed away, with my heart broken, I had a heart attack and insertion of a stent. I was 66 years old, 245 lbs, with 42% body fat. I isolated myself, and gave up all my hobbies. For my 74th birthday, I hired Coach Jesse to help me "lose weight", and "get fit".
Following a complete assessment of my movement patterns, Coach Jesse designed a personalized program for me to train or retrain my basic movements so that my body moved more comfortably and efficiently throughout the day. Coach Jesse always came to our sessions well prepared, and I soon became confident that he wouldn't ask me to do something that I couldn't do.
Consideration was given to my recently acquired back pain and unsuccessful physiotherapy. I was very nervous about my shoulders, as I was dealing with the effects of long term bilateral rotator cuff tendinitis. In fact the range of motion in my shoulders and posture improved dramatically, and I never had any shoulder pain. When I mentioned how difficult it was to lift my 15 lb grandchild over my head, to be able to reach a high shelf, to lift a watermelon onto the hanging scale, to get up from the floor/ground, etc, the issues were dealt with immediately as Coach Jesse practices functional training.  
At my initial assessment, Coach Jesse confidently reassured me that my goal to lose 50 lbs was doable, and I ended up losing 55lbs, reducing my body fat from 35% to 17%, and waist size from 44" to 30"!
At the end of my 12th month with Coach Jesse, I had a treadmill test at St Paul's Hospital. My cardiologist proudly said that the results of the test were that I was at the fitness level of the average 45 year old man, and my medications were cut in half. 
Little did I imagine what we would accomplish together in only 12 months! For example:
  • I struggled to squat, and needed a chair under me for safety. Now I can do 5 sets of 12 squats holding 100 lbs!  

  • To do lunges, I had to hold onto the back of a bench to prevent falling over. Now I can do 5 sets of 12 lunges holding 90 lbs!

  • Wall push ups, and pushups from my knees were a struggle. Now I can do 5 sets of 15 full pushups = 75 pushups!      

Coach Jesse is very enthusiastic, committed to, and proud of his chosen career. I read voraciously about what the fitness "experts" are saying, and it's always consistent with my program, and it's implementation. On that basis, and with my fantastic results, I give Coach Jesse an A+ for his extensive knowledge and ability to coach. He is very motivating, supportive and confidence building. I like how when I speak to him he always gives me his full attention and eye contact. He often gives feedback comparing where I was, and what I have achieved. I never felt any impatience or frustration on his part, even when it took me time "to finally get it." 
As well as being a very competent coach, Coach Jesse is a neat, interesting guy and I always look forward to seeing him. 
- Dean Armstrong, Vancouver BC*

"I cannot thank Jesse enough for helping me reach my very challenging and time-limited goals for my upcoming movie role. His attention to detail during one-on-one training, his personally customized exercise sets and vast knowledge in nutrition is beyond what I could have asked for." 

- Aida Mayne, Vancouver BC*

Coach Jesse Case Study: Aida Mayne*

Aida and I began training in October of 2013 for her upcoming movie role. She was given very strict goals by her casting agent, so we had to work efficiently to meet her goals within an eight month time frame. I coached her through the best workouts so she could achieve the A-List Celebrity look, advised on weight loss and detox practices, and gave her a daily schedule to adjust her every-day diet for long term success. She lost over 39 pounds over this time and landed her movie role. Now you can see her on TV and the silver screen!

Case Study - Julie S.*

Julie heard of me through an acquaintance who spoke of how I was able to help a young woman lose enough weight to look like a model. This inspired Julie to take on a major overhaul of her habits and lifestyle, which left her feeling sluggish, under motivated, and with lower self esteem. Julie struggled at first with taking the initial steps, but is now melting pounds and inches off weekly as a result of her hard work and perseverance. She is well on her way to reaching her goal weight and gaining strength she never knew was possible.

Case Study: Kenny S*

Having never embarked on a regular fitness program before, Kenny was unsure of how to get started. After signing up with me through partner sessions with a good friend from work, Kenny was able to jumpstart his new lifestyle change. After a few short months, Kenny went from doing 12 pushups before maxing out, to doing multiple sets of 15 pushups, and from zero chin-ups to multiple sets of 15 reps. While his goals have changed slightly over the course of our time together, he has consistently lost body fat, and continues to grow muscle mass faster and faster each week. 

Coach Jesse Case Study: Wazeem K.*

Inspired by Bollywood dancers, Wazeem wanted to make a drastic change in his body composition. That statue-worthy sculpted look was on his to-do list but he needed guidance on how to get there the right way. Starting as a beginner to the weight room, we first focused on muscular anatomy, then corrective and core exercises. After covering our bases we were able to kick into high gear to build muscle mass quickly. We are currently only a few short weeks into his program, but already Wazeem is making steady gains in both strength and muscle mass.

Coach Jesse Case Study - Shadan E.*

To prepare for her upcoming wedding, Shadan hired me to help her look more toned in her beautiful wedding dress and to use exercise to help take her mind off of day-to-day stress of juggling work and planning a wedding. Using a program I designed for quick results, Shadan started to show visible results of muscular strength and tone in only 6 weeks worth of sessions. 

Coach Jesse Case Study:  Ash M.*

Ash had never worked with a trainer before working with me. After receiving one of my packages as a gift from a friend, he started to realize that years of poor posture and a sedentary lifestyle was catching up to him and he wanted to make a lasting lifestyle change and build the body he always wanted. Quickly, I set him up with a workout program that was geared toward both corrective exercises and "more bang for your buck" compound strength exercises. 

Coach Jesse Case Study: John S.*

Taking a leap into fitness, John purchased a barbell and weight plate set. He quickly found he had no idea how to use his new purchase to effectively train his body. After being referred to me by a family member, John and I got to work training with specific exercises that could be performed safely with barbells and weight plates exclusively. In a few short weeks I set John free to train on his own. He continues with his training today and checks in with progression sessions to keep things moving forward. 

Coach Jesse Case Study: Jill D.*

Jill was feeling like something was missing from her fitness regimen. Adding a weight training session twice a week was the missing link. One session with me and one on her own provided the best balance of work/life and being held accountable for staying on top of her fitness goals. Wanting to avoid the bulky muscled look of "tennis arms", we focused on building strength and endurance, rather than bulk, through circuit training.

Coach Jesse Case Study: Hannah S.*

After training for over a year with her previous personal trainer with no noticeable results, Hannah was frustrated but unwilling to give up. I immediately began by identifying areas of improvement and built a program that helped her see quick progress and satisfaction as well as meet her long term goals. After only four weeks she noticed improvements in strength, posture, and athletic performance. 

Coach Jesse Case Study: Boyd K.*

Boyd sought me out after incurring a running injury in his hamstrings. However, he was determined to run the 2014 BMO Half Marathon. After spending a few weeks in recovery mode, it came time to begin a cross training program that would benefit him on race day. We worked on strengthening the support in his ankles, knees and hips as well as recovery work to prevent a future hamstring injury. We increased muscle development and activation in the upper body to assist with locomotion. He successfully completed the race in May 2014 with no injuries and with a personal record for timing!

"Jesse's verve for life and his ability to genuinely and compassionately connect with people is extraordinary. He's a bundle of joyous energy, always eager to share his wealth of knowledge regarding healthy, happy, spiritual living. He's been nothing but patient and encouraging since day one of introducing me to raw foods. And, as my journey continues, he's still there for me every step of the way, always reminding me to "listen to my body." He has been and continues to be a "rock" of inspiration, motivation, and guidance in my life. Jesse sees the value of every person's inner-truth - he has an unmatched quality not only for listening when you speak, but for really hearing you. I value his friendship, his energy, and his wacky sense of humour more than words can describe! I highly recommend working with Jesse, he will change your relationship with yourself, your health, and life altogether!"

- Kristina Durst, Vancouver BC*

"Jesse your energy and lifestyle are already so inspiring, with all this incredibly accredited training and knowledge on top of your motivating energy and heart centred drive, which make you an amazing coach with brilliant insight for helping others move towards incredible health and energy. It was such a blessing to have you in our class and I thank you for the experience and insight you shared in class that will help me make changes that will inspire clients in my fitness and wellness facility. I highly recommend your nutritional coaching skills to clients ready to commit to make real powerful changes in their health!"

- Dawn Goodman Owner Curves For Women Fitness, Port Moody*