student Training Services

Trying to balance classes, research, homework, and a part time job is hard enough without your desire to eat and feel better in your spare time with limited funds. With this in mind, I've designed an affordable fitness program specifically for post secondary students. 

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the "Pay as you go"

Think of it as the Unofficial Spotify of Fitness program. This is a periodized program split into 3-7 week blocks, followed by a rest period. Each month begins with a quick assessment you can finish in 15 minutes, and ends with a check-in with me over the phone/Skype. Unlimited chat support via my mobile app also lets you to ask me quick questions between check-ins, and helps me keep you accountable. Plus get a meal plan with recipes that fit your budget, your time schedule, and your macro goals.

the "In it to win it"

Everything the Pay As You Go plan includes, at a discount, plus more. As a bonus you also get six 30-minute training sessions at my Gastown boutique personal training studio included (a $270 value). 

This program gives you personalized training, balanced cardio, resistance, and metabolic training progressions, and weekly support throughout the year - at a price that can't be beat!