how does online training work?

Today's communication, technology, and knowledge has opened up personalized fitness training to those who don't fit the standard session-based model. While the most obvious difference between online personal training and traditional session-based programming is that your trainer is not present for real-time cues, spotting, and adjustments; there are many benefits! I've described some of the best ones below.

I've designed my online training programs to be fully loaded yet flexible; affordable yet not watered down; and so that you can be self-sufficient as quickly as possible. Starting a fitness program is like learning to ride a bike; first training wheels, then "look no hands!". 


Professional Programming

After your initial movement, postural, and fitness assessment, I get to work building the program your body will get the best results from in phases. This is so much faster, safer and effective than clipping out a workout from a magazine! I adjust each program as weeks go on, prepare progressions, and coach you through the tough spots. You'll have the most up-to-date program each time you open up the website or smartphone app. 


Personalized to your goals

Not only do I design the program based off your anatomy, I also design with your lifestyle and goals in mind. We need to be realistic with what is possible to accomplish during the program with your current habits and level of motivation, and be mindful of life's curveballs! I'm there to motivate and hold you accountable to the plan, definitely. But we are all human. If necessary, I'll adapt the program midway so that you still reach your goals! 


Simple and Easy to follow

Scheduling your strength and cardio workouts and recording body stats is all done within the app. You can also set your FitBit, MyFitnessPal, and Withings accounts to automatically sync. Once you're all connected, all you need to do is just stick to the plan! I get a notification each time you log a workout, and I'll be there with you every step of the way. 

(To see how the app works in real life, click here to watch a short video.)


There's also the added benefit of being location-independent! With the smartphone app you can take the whole program with you to your gym, home gym, outside, or even when travelling; and plan your workouts according to your own schedule. To keep us on track, you and I will set our check-in schedule, message each other through the app, and adapt to what is working best. Then, when you reach your goal we begin a maintenance program, or make a plan for an even more ambitious goal!