Online Personal Training

A location independent and affordable way to get professional personal fitness coaching. Upgrade or downgrade at any time. Unsure which package would be best for you? Click here to send me an email. 

3 months

Get a tailored personal program, online support, proper progressions, biweekly check-ins, assessments, PLUS coaching on calories, macronutrients and supplements.

6 Months

All that's in the three month package PLUS longer support than the three month package which means you're more likely to achieve your longer-term goal - cheaper monthly rate too!

12 months 

After your first package, you can begin this program. Think of it as a trainer on retainer maintenance program. I keep you going with new exciting workouts every 2-3 weeks, monthly checkins, and continue coaching you at your own pace. You won't be left hanging after that running jumpstart!