Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a personal trainer in the first place?

You might think that you're capable of doing everything yourself, and you could be right. However, studies show that those who hire a certified personal trainer are able to see exponential increases in strength, endurance, flexibility and posture much faster than if their program was taken out of a magazine or improvised. It's a small investment for a customized plan geared towards YOU, with special attention given to YOU while you do the exercise, and will help YOU achieve your goals so much faster! Plus, it's reassuring to know someone has your back, will hold you accountable, will help you break through training plateaus, keep you from getting bored with your workouts, and let us not forget the importance of safety!

How do I know you can really help me?

My approach really works because I set you up from day one with goals, rewards, and an awesome way of tracking your progress that ensures your success. Regardless of your age, fitness level, or even previous injury, I put together programs customized to your actual needs, goals, and future ambitions.

This is quite a bit of money. Is it worth it for me?

Absolutely. Invest in your body and health right now. It's a lot harder to recoup your losses once time goes on and more damage is done. You're not going to regret anything once you achieve your goals. Accomplish maximal health, improve your posture, improve your body image, improve your self esteem, increase your energy, increase your strength! The list goes on and on! If money is the only thing in your way, you can even pay in instalments!

Can I get a similar service without paying?

You could download a generic training app for your phone. You could spend hours Googling the best workouts. You could spend long hours at the gym trying to get the results you want through trial and error. And after this, you could spend the next five years working out INCORRECTLY and have your doctor diagnose you with major joint and/or muscle damage that is irreversible... Or you could hire me and cut out the risk of wasting time and putting your health in danger. Plus, you get so much more than a robot drill sergeant shouting numbers at you. You get a real-life person who is contagiously motivating, cheerful, and genuinely interested in helping you unleash your inner awesomeness!

Do you Offer refunds?

If you find that the plan we developed together really isn't for you and we can find no other suitable arrangement, I will refund your money, less any used sessions, within the first 14 days.

Is there a cancellation policy? 

Yes. If you cancel your session at short notice (within 48 hours) your session will be subject a non-refundable cancellation fee for the total cost of that session. All I need is a heads up that you're feeling ill, having an emergency, or plans have otherwise changed. Repeat late appointments and no-shows will be subject to a discontinuation of services with no refunds.

Do my sessions expire?

Yes. Each session package has an expiry date of 365 days after the date of purchase. To ensure your sessions don't expire, I recommend you schedule and confirm all of your sessions at the time of purchase or as soon as possible after.