Build the Body You’ve Always Wanted

Did you know your body will adapt to poor nutrition and fitness by developing disease, pain and accelerated aging? But just as quickly as your body reacts to an unhealthy lifestyle, it will also reverse these symptoms through proper diet and fitness. The starting point is knowing what changes to make and how to get help making them.

This is where Coach Jesse comes in. Jesse has always been fascinated with the science of how our bodies change for better or worse, and he uses his passion and education in the field to improve people’s lives. In 2012, Jesse graduated as a Certified Raw Food Educator and Whole Food Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, as well as became a CFES Certified Weight Training Instructor and CFES Certified Personal Trainer. For two years, Coach Jesse’s client base has constantly grown from a hobby to a full time job that fills his new Yaletown studio in Vancouver.

Jesse knows the most common issue people face when deciding to use a personal trainer is being ready for change. But once they make that decision, the obstacles are minor. For some people, they simply can’t afford a trainer, and for others they’re determined to do just as good a job on their own. However, over time people become aware they need help to achieve the goals they’re committed to. They see the value in hiring a trainer who can not only give them the proper tools to meet their goals but to keep them motivated in the long term.

Coach Jesse doesn’t just prescribe random exercise routines, a protein shake and collect a cheque – he thinks that’s as bad as stealing, and he’s seen it happen too many times. Jesse takes the time to get to know clients and helps them reach within themselves to uncover the person they’ve always wanted to be. They often thank him for honest feedback, faster than expected results and knowledge in practical lifestyle changes. Clients not only lose excess weight, gain energy and confidence but ultimately look and feel awesome.

For a free consultation with Coach Jesse, call 604 842 8456 and take the first step in becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

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