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It takes time, investment, and patience to make a sustainable lifestyle change. That balance can be difficult to manage. As your coach, I offer a few fitness services with this in mind.

All rates are based off a six month commitment and can be split into monthly payments to make it more affordable to get started. Six months gives us enough time to achieve meaningful progress on your goals, if not fulfil them completely and start up on maintenance workouts. This is typically how long it takes for clients to get fully immersed in their lifestyle change and begin to reach their goals. You can expect not only to feel confident in the weight room, and be well established in your fitness routine, but actually reaching the goals we set up in the very beginning.

Private personal training sessions


What should I expect? Each personal training session is one hour of training exclusively with Coach Jesse in my private boutique fitness studio. Sessions are $60 per session on a six month payment plan, or only $40 per session when you pay the package in full. 

How does it work? Most beginner clients need 2-3 sessions per week to start, then can scale back to 1-2. Over six months, this adds up to 52 sessions, which can be billed at only $520 each month or $2080 upfront. Intermediate clients can scale back to 1-2 sessions per week, join semi-private sessions or switch to online training to keep up with their lifestyle transformation. The number of sessions is dependent on your goals and your level of determination. 

Partner Personal Training Sessions


What should I expect? You and your chosen partner participate in 1-hour personal training sessions where you train exclusively with Coach Jesse in my private boutique fitness studio at 40/session each on a 6 month payment plan, or only 30/session when the 6 months are paid in full. 

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Semi-private Personal Training Sessions


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online training Personal Training

Online personal training technology helps my clients keep accountable and moving toward their goals. By using your smartphone, you can connect directly with Coach Jesse with every workout, almost as if I'm training with you every time!


Professionally designed workouts with progressions

Its easy to get started! We start out with a simple questionnaire to determine what drives your motivation and decide on your fitness goals. Then we do a few simple assessments to determine what exercises are suitable for what your body is capable of right now, and learn what you can expect to achieve in the next 6 months. Finally, I put together the plan and we get to work!


easy to connect and communicate 

The program is powered by the Trainerize app on your phone, or you can print the workouts from your computer. In the app, you will check-in to each workout, log your exercises and body stats, and even message me. I get notified, then I send over your next progressions. You can also connect to your Withings wifi enabled body scale, so data is shared with me automatically. This level of connectivity gives us the flexibility to train together from anywhere in the world and still get faster results than with traditional personal training.

nutrition consulting and meal plan options

If you already use MyFitnessPal, you can share this data with your online training account for me to coach you with even more detail. If you're stuck on how to get started with losing weight, or gaining muscle, or low on energy we can look at the facts and make smart decisions moving forward. Or, you can jump ahead by adding a customized meal plan with your online training package.