There are almost too many options and opinions about healthy living. Most people worry about them every day, fretting and stressing, then compounding them with their stress! You might be getting worried simply by the mention of it, so I want you to stop reading for a second and take note of what you've already done.

I'm sure there's plenty of good stuff you've done this month for your health. You're eating salads instead of fries, you're taking the stairs instead of the elevator, you're taking the dog out for walks and maybe you even go to the gym a few times a week. You're setting yourself up for success. Your efforts aren't for nothing. But there's probably a reason why you came to my website in the first place. Something isn't working the way you were hoping. Am I right?

Want to get serious for a second? I'm betting you could do more exercise and get a lot happier, and we don't have to wait until another new year resolution, pay day, or even a Monday to get started. There are muscles in you just waiting to be developed, good habits wanting to be scheduled, and there is enough room in your budget. There are people at the beach waiting to turn their head at your rockin' body this summer. There are tons of opportunities you've always wanted to take on, but let your body image get in the way.

That's where I come in.

I'm Coach Jesse, and I help people look and feel awesome!

I'm the sort of person who had to get fit and take my health into my own hands. I had health problems as a kid and I tried out several different diets and exercise regimens before I started to feel healthy. I played sports, I started swimming, I started running, I started hiking. I followed so-and-so's advice, and the next person's advice, and the neighbour's dog's advice. I gained weight, lost weight, and gained it all back again. I was tired, but couldn't sleep -- eventually I just burned out. And I wanted to look hot and feel great for once in my life! Sound familiar? It was time to take back my life. Now I've done the legwork for people like us, and have an entire lifestyle plan to show for it.

Now I help people, including everyone from college students to seniors, achieve a total body transformation and ensure sustainable success. That's the long way of saying: "I help people look and feel awesome!" I've had great success working with all sorts of different people with all sorts of different goals, lifestyles, ages, strength levels, injuries, diets, sizes, shapes and personalities.

"I combine science with practicality and will help you cut through the hype and get results. I aim to break everything down and focus on what’s important to make this the most successful and enjoyable experience possible for you."

I've met some of the most interesting nutritionists, studying with Janice Skorekyo about high net-gain natural raw food diets. I've followed IronMan Triathlete and entrepreneur Brendan Brazier and his Vega team. I've investigated alternative diet plans and spoken to experts who discredit gym standard protein shakes and the simplified Canada Food Guide. I've studied what makes celebrities look gorgeous and sexy, and how to copy those results for my clients. I don't expect everyone to have the time to do that, so I've made it really simple for you.

There are three services I can offer you at this moment. Most recently I operate my own fitness studio in Gastown with fully functional fitness equipment and one-on-one personal fitness training. I offer the only whole fitness program in Gastown, focusing on healthy whole-body transformations, using whole foods instead of relying on supplements, and I'm currently accepting new clients.

I'll make your fitness program fit your schedule, whether you're busy or you just want to be on your own. And I'm sure we can start a lasting relationship from there.

Commit to it! Keep your focus! Finish strong!

It doesn't matter what shape you think you're in, we're all great at being human. And the human body is amazing. Therefore YOU are amazing! There are a lot of things in the modern world that can give us anxiety, develop bad habits, and procrastinate on making real and lasting changes. But I know we can all do a little better for ourselves. 

Let's start by planning a fitness strategy that works for you, that you can actually stick to. You have nothing to lose by getting in touch with me, so email or phone me right now at 604 842 8456. I'll get you in to the body you've always wanted, no matter where you're starting from.


Coach Jesse